Zinc oxide

CAS No.: 1314-13-2

Chemical formula: ZnO

EINECS(EC) No.: 215-222-5

Appearance: White solid

MOQ: 1 ton

Packing: 25KG BAG

Packing specification: 20tons/1*20FCL

Application fields: Pigment and Paint

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Product Introduction:

Zinc oxide is an inorganic compound with the formula ZnO. It is a white powder that is insoluble in water.


Zinc oxide, is a kind of inorganic compounds, is an oxide of zinc, insoluble in water, ethanol, soluble in acid, sodium hydroxide aqueous solution, ammonium chloride, is a commonly used chemical additives, widely used in plastics, silicate products, synthetic rubber, lubricating oil, paint coatings, ointment, adhesive, food, batteries, flame retardants and other products in the production. Zinc oxide has large band gap and exciton binding energy, high transparency, and excellent luminescence performance at room temperature. It is used in liquid crystal displays, thin film transistors, light-emitting diodes and other products in the semiconductor field.


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