Calcium hydroxide

CAS No.: 1305-62-0

Chemical formula: Ca(OH)2

EINECS(EC) No.:215-137-3

Appearance: white powder granular

MOQ: 1*20FCL

Packing: 25kg/bag

Packing specification: 25tons/1*20FCL

Application fields: Industry Grade

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Product Introduction:

Calcium hydroxide (traditionally called slaked lime) is an inorganic compound . It is a colorless crystal or white powder and is produced when quicklime (calcium oxide) is mixed with water. It has many names including hydrated lime, caustic lime, builders’ lime, slaked lime, cal, and pickling lime. Calcium hydroxide is used in many applications, including food preparation. Limewater, also called milk of lime, is the common name for a saturated solution of calcium hydroxide.


Calcium hydroxide is commonly used to prepare lime mortar.

One significant application of calcium hydroxide is as a flocculant, in water and sewage treatment. This application is enabled by the low cost and low toxicity of calcium hydroxide. It is also used in fresh-water treatment for raising the pH of the water so that pipes will not corrode where the base water is acidic.

It is also used in the preparation of ammonia gas (NH3).

Another large application is in the paper industry, where it is an intermediate in the reaction in the production of sodium hydroxide. This conversion is part of the causticizing step in the Kraft process for making pulp.

In orchard crops, calcium hydroxide is used as a fungicide. Applications of ‘lime water’ prevent the development of cankers caused by the fungal pathogen Neonectria galligena.

Calcium hydroxide is used in dentistry, primarily in the specialty of endodontics.


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