Inorganic Chemicals

Titanium dioxide (Tio2)

CAS No.: 13463-67-7

Chemical formula: TiO2

Appearance: White powder

MOQ: 2 ton

Packing: 25KG PP/PE BAGS

Packing specification: 24tons/1*20FCL

Application fields: Industry Grade

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Product Introduction:

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a remarkable compound that has gained significant attention across numerous industries due to its exceptional properties and versatility. As a white, powdery substance, it finds its way into a wide range of products, ranging from cosmetics and paints to food and construction materials.


Titanium dioxide is a inorganic compound with the chemical formula of TiO2. It is a white solid or powder amphoteric oxide with a molecular weight of 79.866. It has non-toxic, the best opacity, the best whiteness and brightness. It is considered to be a white pigment with the best performance in the world today. Titanium dioxide has strong adhesion and is not prone to chemical changes, making it always snow-white. Widely used in industries such as coatings, plastics, papermaking, printing inks, chemical fibers, rubber, cosmetics, etc. It has a high melting point and is also used to manufacture refractory glass, glaze, enamel, clay, high-temperature resistant experimental vessels, etc. Titanium dioxide can be extracted from rutile by acid decomposition or obtained from titanium tetrachloride decomposition. There are three allotropes of titanium dioxide in nature: rutile type, anatase type and plate titanium type. In addition, there are several synthetic crystal forms.


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