Drilling grade xanthan gum

Several factors affecting the use of Xanthan gum in oil drilling mud:

Xanthan gum is affected by multiple factors such as structure, temperature and property of different formations, and the following three points are the most direct.

1. PH value: pH is one of the important factors affecting the properties of Xanthan gum. Xanthan gum is most stable under neutral to weak acid PH value conditions, and will lose its original characteristics under strong acid and strong base conditions. When the PH value is greater than 7, the complex sugars of Xanthan gum molecules will be broken down, thus affecting the viscosity and adhesion, affecting its stability under high temperature environment.

2. Influence of Ionic strength: Ionic strength refers to the strength of ion concentration and ion type in solution. The high temperature stability of Xanthan gum is affected by Ionic strength, because ions will affect the arrangement and interaction of molecular chains. The higher the Ionic strength is, the stronger the interaction between ions and Xanthan gum molecules will be, which will lead to changes in the stereostructure of the molecular chain, thus affecting the stability of Xanthan gum.

3. Influence of temperature on Xanthan gum: temperature is one of the key factors affecting the high-temperature stability of Xanthan gum. The viscosity and adhesion of Xanthan gum will decrease with the increase of temperature, especially when the temperature exceeds 40 ℃, the property of xanthan gum will decrease significantly. This is because the increase of temperature will lead to the increase of internal energy of molecules, the weakening of intermolecular interaction, and the change of molecular chain structure, thus affecting the properties of Xanthan gum.

For the above factors affecting the stability of Xanthan gum, it is critical to add additives and protective agents for slurry stability while preparing the slurry. For example: sodium sulfate, ammonium sulfate, boric acid, polyvinyl alcohol, etc.

Our company’s annual supply capacity of xanthan gum exceeds 10000 tons, and various specifications of xanthan gum products (food grade, fine chemical drug grade, industrial grade, petroleum drilling grade) meet quality standards such as FCCIV, E-415, GB13886-92, SY5093-92, etc. The company adheres to the principle of quality first and strictly controls quality. Its various products are highly praised by domestic and foreign customers.

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