Glycerol,  is an organic compound with the chemical formula C3H8O3, a colorless, odorless, transparent, viscous liquid.

Glycerol can be divided into refined glycerol and hydrolyzed glycerol, depending on its process and raw materials. The raw material for refined glycerol is crude glycerol, which can be palm oil, soybean oil, or mixed oil. The main sources of hydrolyzed glycerol in China are fatty acids, fatty alcohols, and by-products produced during the soap production process.

Glycerol can absorb moisture and moisture from the air without any odor. In nature, glycerol is widely present in animals and plants in the form of glycerides.


Application in bread: Food grade glycerol is used as a water retaining and moisturizing agent in bread, cakes, etc., with strong moisture absorption, maintaining a soft texture, and increasing storage life.

Application in candy: Glycerin as a candy softener, emulsifier, etc.

Application in beverages: Glycerin can quickly break down the bitter and astringent odors in fruit juice and vinegar, enhance the thick taste and aroma of the juice itself, have a bright appearance, and have a sweet and sour taste.

Application in alcoholic beverages: Used as a taste improver, sweetener, and deodorizer in alcoholic beverages, appropriate addition can increase the aroma, mellow sweetness, and richness of the wine.

Application in preserved fruits: Food grade glycerol can improve the taste of preserved fruits, enhance their own aroma, enhance their level, enhance their freshness, sweetness, and appearance. Glycerin also has unique antioxidant and moisturizing effects, so it can lock in the moisture that should be present in the preserved fruit and effectively increase its shelf life.

In the use of meat: Adding glycerol as a moisturizer can maintain low water activity conditions, increase water content, and continuously improve tenderness. During production and processing, glycerol is diluted with pure grain wine at least 50 degrees Celsius and evenly sprayed onto the meat or cut meat, thoroughly kneaded or mixed. It locks in water and moisturizes, achieving actual weight gain, increasing shelf life, and enhancing product taste, color, and fragrance.

Application in pet food; Adding food grade glycerin as a moisturizer to pet snacks effectively prevents dryness and improves product appearance.

 In the application of pastries: Pastry foods, especially frozen dumpling skins, steamed buns, and other pastry foods, with the addition of moderate food grade glycerol, can effectively exert the effects of moisturizers and emulsifiers, making the product anti freezing and non cracking, delicious, soft and delicious, and strengthening the taste of the noodle products.

Application in the tobacco industry: Glycerin is used as a wetting agent in tobacco to maintain its moisture, avoid brittleness, and enhance its sweetness.

The effect of glycerol on human skin: moisturizing and moisturizing, improving dull and delicate skin.

Precautions for using glycerol on the skin:

Although glycerol can be used to wipe the face, it is important to avoid choosing pure or high concentration glycerol. Especially pure glycerol cannot be directly applied to the skin to moisturize, as it has good moisture absorption. In addition to absorbing water from the air, it can also cause water from skin tissue to be sucked out, which can cause irritation to the skin, making it even drier and even burned. Therefore, we can only use diluted glycerol.


Store glycerol in a cool, dry, and ventilated place, avoiding direct sunlight and high temperatures. At the same time, sealed storage prevents the entry of oxygen and moisture, which helps to extend the shelf life of glycerol.

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