Stearic acid

CAS No.: 57-11-4

Chemical formula: C18H36O2

EINECS(EC) No.: 200-313-4

Appearance: White powder

MOQ: 1 ton

Packing: 25KG BAG

Packing specification: 25tons/1*20FCL

Application fields: Industry grade

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Product Introduction:

Stearic acid is a compound. Suitable for cosmetics and soap. Rubber industry, plastic industry, lubricants, flotation agents, precision casting and other industries.


In general, the applications of stearic acid exploit its bifunctional character, with a polar head group that can be attached to metal cations and a nonpolar chain that confers solubility in organic solvents. The combination leads to uses as a surfactant and softening agent. Stearic acid undergoes the typical reactions of saturated carboxylic acids, a notable one being reduction to stearyl alcohol, and esterification with a range of alcohols. This is used in a large range of manufactures, from simple to complex electronic devices.


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