Formic acid

CAS No.: 64-18-6

Chemical formula: HCOOH

EINECS(EC) No.:200-001-8

Appearance: Colorless transparent smoky liquid

MOQ: 1*20FCL

Packing: 250kgs/drum

Packing specification: 20tons/1*20FCL

Application fields: Industry Grade

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Product Introduction:

Formic acid, systematically named methanoic acid, is the simplest carboxylic acid. It is an important intermediate in chemical synthesis and occurs naturally, most notably in some ants. Esters, salts and the anion derived from formic acid are called formates. Industrially, formic acid is produced from methanol.


Formic acid is one of the basic organic chemical raw materials, widely used in industries such as pesticides, leather, dyes, pharmaceuticals, and rubber. Formic acid can be directly used for fabric processing, tanning, textile printing and dyeing, and storage of green feed. It can also be used as a metal surface treatment agent, rubber additive, and industrial solvent.


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