The advantages and applications of candelilla wax

What is candelilla wax?
candelilla wax refers to a brown plant wax extracted from growing in a type of grass. It is second only to Brazilian palm wax in terms of hardness, and its melting temperature is between 67 ℃ and 71 ℃. Like Brazilian palm wax, candelilla wax is used to increase the hardness of wax when mixed with other components, but its hardening effect is significantly inferior to Brazilian palm wax.

The advantages of candelilla wax
Material: Natural wax, light yellow or yellow glossy flakes, rice grain wax.
Ingredients: Biowax extracted from the surface of pure natural plants.
Advantages: High glossiness, good emulsification and toughness, easy demolding and preventing sweating of the paste. It has moisture resistance and is widely used in industries such as cosmetics, food, leather, and electrical appliances, effectively increasing product strength and glossy texture.

Application of candelilla wax:

1. candelilla wax can be made into ointment or cream and other skin emollients, which can lubricate the skin, moisturize the skin, and make the skin softer and smoother.

2.candelilla wax has good water resistance, so it can be added to lipstick, eyeliner pen, sunscreen and other cosmetics to improve their water resistance.

3. It can be made into protective materials such as coatings and paints to protect the surface of furniture, woodwork, and other items from moisture, corrosion, and other damage.

4. It can also be applied in industries such as food and medicine, such as packaging materials for candies, or as lubricants in pharmaceutical processes, with high economic value.

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