Trisodium Phosphate (TSP)

CAS No.: 7601-54-9

Chemical formula: Na3PO4

EINECS(EC) No.:231-509-8

Appearance: white crystalline powder

MOQ: 1*20’FCL

Packing: 25KG PP/PE BAGS

Packing specification: 25tons/1*20FCL

Application fields: Medicine grade, Food grade, Industry Grade

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Product Introduction:

It is a phosphate. It is prone to deliquescence and weathering in dry air, generating sodium dihydrogen phosphate and sodium bicarbonate. Almost completely decomposed into disodium hydrogen phosphate and sodium hydroxide in water. Alkaline detergent used in the electroplating industry to prepare surface treatment degreasing solution for unpolished parts. In the formula of synthetic detergent, due to its high alkalinity, it is only used for strong alkaline cleaning agent formulas, such as automotive cleaning agents, floor cleaning agents, metal cleaning agents, etc.


Medical field

Indications: polycythemia vera, primary thrombocytosis, chronic myeloid leukemia, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, etc., as well as the identification of the nature of superficial masses, and also for the application treatment of neurodermatitis, chronic eczema, capillary tumor, keloid scar, pterygium, corneal neovascularization, plasma cell tumor, etc.

Food sector

  1. The product quality improver can improve the complexed metal ions, pH value and ionic strength of food, thus improving the cohesion and water retention of food.it can be used for cheese; Western style ham, meat, fish, shrimp, and crab; or usage in canned food, fruit juice, beverages, and dairy products.
  2. Used as an analytical reagent and water softener, as well as for the purification of sugars.

Industrial sector

Used as a water softener and detergent, boiler scale inhibitor, color fixing agent during printing and dyeing, mercerizing enhancer for fabrics, metal corrosion inhibitor or rust inhibitor. The enamel industry is used as a flux and decolorizer. Used as a degreasing and degumming agent for raw hides in the leather industry.


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