Chemical Auxiliary Agents

Poly Aluminium Chloride (PAC)

CAS No.: 1327-41-9

Chemical formula: [Al2(OH)nCl6-n]m

EINECS(EC) No.:  215 477 2

Appearance: Yellow powder

MOQ: 1 ton

Packing: 25KG BAG

Packing specification: 25tons/1*20FCL

Application fields: Industry grade

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Product Introduction:

Polyaluminum chloride (PAC) is a inorganic compound, a new water purification material and inorganic polymer coagulant, which is widely used in drinking water, industrial water and sewage treatment.


Urban drainage purification: river water, reservoir water, and groundwater. Industrial water supply purification;Urban sewage treatment;Various industrial wastewater treatment: printing and dyeing wastewater, leather wastewater, papermaking wastewater, meat processing wastewater, sewage treatment, etc;

Paper sizing; Pharmaceutical refining; Cement rapid setting; Cosmetic ingredients.

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