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氧化铁 Iron trioxide

CAS No.: 1309-37-1; 1317-60-8; 1332-37-2

Chemical formula: Fe2O3

EINECS(EC) No.: 215-168-2; 215-275-4; 215-570-8

Appearance: Red/Yellow Powder

Packing: 25KG PP/PE BAGS

Application fields: Industry Grade

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Product Introduction:

It has strong UV absorption performance, excellent light and atmospheric resistance. When light is projected onto a paint film or plastic containing transparent iron oxide red pigment, it appears transparent. Relative density 5.7g/cm3, melting point 1396 ℃. It is a new type of iron based pigment with unique properties.


General purpose

Used as magnetic materials, pigments, polishing agents, catalysts, etc., and also in telecommunications and instrument industries.

Detailed purpose

It is an inorganic pigment used as an anti rust pigment in the paint industry. It is also used as colorant for rubber, artificial marble, ground terrazzo, colorant and filler for plastics, asbestos, artificial leather, leather polishing paste, polishing agent for precision instruments, optical glass, and raw material for manufacturing magnetic material ferrite components.


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