Manganese Sulfate

Basic information of Manganese Sulfate

CAS Number:10034-96-5

Chemical Name: Manganese Sulfate Monohydrate

Specification:technical grade ;

Packing:25kg PP/PE bag ;

Loading quantity:25 metric tons in 20 feet container,1.1cbm=1 metric ton

Manganese sulfate monohydrate is known to be a plant micronutrient. Manganese Sulphate is also used in the treatment of nutritional deficiencies. Manganese is a trace mineral, which your body needs in small amounts.

Why Is Manganese Sulfate Used for Plants?

Manganese sulfate used in agriculture plays an important role in many plant functions, including photosynthesis. Manganese Sulfate for plants with insufficient amounts of this fertilizer may display symptoms such as yellowing of the leaves and reduced plant growth. Sometimes the yellow patches might be an indication of iron deficiency. If the plants are given the fertilizer without them having any issues, there can be a possibility for the plants to receive toxic levels of manganese. If the plants are toxic, they affect the older leaves on the plant and start forming reddish-brown spots on the leaves and burnt leaf tips and edges.

How to Use?

Plants are like babies, they need utmost care every day.  Before you start any process, do keep in mind to review the package instructions for the fertilizer and observe all the safety recommendations. Gear yourself well covering your hands and eyes while applying this fertilizer and wash your hands thoroughly when you are finished. Increasing plant resistance to various diseases helps to reduce the need for fungicides. Manganese helps to contribute to abiotic stress tolerance, particularly in drought and heat. Manganese Sulfate results in significantly higher crop yield. It can be applied through seed soaking, dressing, and leaf surface spraying.

Is Manganese Sulfate Safe?

Manganese is an element made for agricultural benefits intervening in several metabolic processes, mainly in photosynthesis and as an enzyme antioxidant-co-factor. Nevertheless, an excess of this micronutrient is toxic for plants. It appears to be safe for adults to consume up to 11 mg of manganese per day. The safe amount for adolescents 19 or younger is 9 mg per day or less.

A healthy person with a functioning liver and kidneys should be able to excrete excess dietary manganese. However, those with liver or kidney disease need to be cautious.

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