How much do you know about polyvinyl chloride?

What is polyvinyl chloride?

Polyvinyl chloride, abbreviated as PVC in English, is a white powder with an amorphous structure, with CAS registration number 9002-86-2.
PVC was once the world’s largest general-purpose plastic in production and widely used.


According to the different application ranges, PVC can be divided into: universal PVC resin, high degree of polymerization PVC resin, and cross-linked PVC resin.

What are the advantages of polyvinyl chloride?

Good brightness, moderate softness, good toughness, not easily broken, anti-aging, supports customization, free samples.

What are the uses of polyvinyl chloride?

Usage: Can be used as wires, rain shoes, plastic hoses, cables, toys, automotive accessories, etc

Is PVC harmful to the polyvinyl chloride?

In general, qualified PVC materials are harmless to the human body. However, it should be noted that PVC materials will release harmful gases during the combustion process. If the content of polyurethane in PVC materials exceeds the standard, there will usually be a serious odor, which can cause harm to the human body, respiratory system, and even various organs after combustion.

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