Calcium propionate

                  – from antifungal agents to animal health and yield improvement

Feed grade calcium propionate

Calcium propionate is a safe and reliable feed mold inhibitor approved for use by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). The appearance of this product is white powder ; Slightly special odor, easily deliquescent in humid air ; Easy to dissolve in water, slightly soluble in ethanol.

In modern agriculture and animal husbandry, ensuring animal health and increasing yields are eternal themes. Feed grade calcium propionate, as an efficient and safe additive, has become an important assistant in this field. It can not only effectively act as a mold inhibitor to protect feed from microbial invasion, but also prevent animal diseases, thereby increasing animal yield.

Advantages of feed grade calcium propionate

Compared to other antifungal agents, calcium propionate has a wider antibacterial spectrum and stronger stability. Calcium propionate not only has a strong inhibitory effect on common fungi, but also is effective against fungi, aerobic Bacillus, Gram negative bacteria, aflatoxins, and other substances such as starch, protein, and oil. It has unique anti mold and anti-corrosion properties. The non-volatile and high-temperature resistant characteristics of calcium propionate are suitable for long-term storage of feed products. Compared to antifungal agents such as formaldehyde, pyridone, and piperazine, calcium propionate is an intermediate product of normal animal metabolism, suitable for various animal feed, and has a wide range of applications.

As a multifunctional chemical, the application scope of calcium propionate has far exceeded its initial role as a mold inhibitor. In fields such as animal husbandry, calcium propionate exhibits unique value.

Calcium propionate, as a feed additive, can prevent diseases in animals.It can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in animal intestines and reduce the risk of disease occurrence. In addition, calcium propionate can enhance the immune system of animals and enhance their resistance to various pathogens. By preventing diseases, calcium propionate helps reduce animal losses caused by diseases and ensures the stable development of animal husbandry.

Calcium propionate indirectly promotes the increase of animal yield by improving the health level of animals. Whether it is dairy, poultry, or animal husbandry, the health status of animals is directly related to yield and economic benefits. The addition of calcium propionate makes animals more robust, improves production performance, and brings higher economic benefits to farmers and enterprises.

How to use calcium propionate reasonably

The solubility, usage method, pH environment of feed, moisture content, environmental temperature, nutritional composition of feed, and degree of fungal contamination in feed all affect the effectiveness of antifungal agents. The amount of antifungal agents used in feed is mainly determined by the season and feed moisture content. If the feed moisture exceeds 12%, antifungal agents should be used; In high temperature and humidity seasons, high feed moisture, and long storage times, the use of antifungal agents should be doubled. It is recommended to use feed additives reasonably under the guidance of professional veterinarians or breeding experts to ensure the health and production performance of animals.

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